SSL with Logstash 5.4 run on IBM JRE 8

How can I enable Logstash to accept SSL traffic from Filebeat?
In my case, I am running Logstash with IBM JRE 8. I know it works fine over Oracle JDK/ Open JDK.
But I have a requirement to use IBM JDK, hence the ask.

Has anybody been able to achieve this?
I did go through older posts, but the topics are closed and the suggested solutions didnt work for me. Hence posted this newly.

I can't give a complete answer, but I know that several of the dependencies are not bundled in the IBM JDK. From what I understand, IBM is aware of these (and other Elasticsearch/Lucene-related) shortcomings and has been making some headway on it.

That said, you're specifically diving into SSL things, which is very platform and library dependent.

Perhaps if you could provide the exact error message you're seeing, we could be of more assistance.

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