Stack monitoring is broken in 7.9.1

Stack monitoring displays a blank white screen. No errors in Kibana logs. It worked fine in 7.8.0, upgrade to 7.9.1 broke it. I have verified that the monitoring data is flowing to the right indices. Below is my Kibana.yml.

        console.enabled: false
        csp.strict: true
        elasticsearch.hosts: '["http://es-host1:9200","http://es-host2:9200","http://es-host3:9200","http://es-host4:9200","http://es-host5:9200"]'
        elasticsearch.pingTimeout: '2500'
        elasticsearch.requestTimeout: '300000'
        logging.dest: "/var/log/kibana/kibana.stdout"
        logging.verbose: false
        monitoring.enabled: true
        monitoring.ui.elasticsearch.hosts: '["http://es-monitor:9200"]'
        server.ssl.certificate: "/etc/kibana/server.pem"
        server.ssl.enabled: 'true'
        server.ssl.key: "/etc/kibana/private/server.key"

Hi @sknayar,

Are there any warnings or errors in the Kibana server log?

Can you also check the browser dev tools for any Javascript errors?

Hi @chrisronline,
I don't see any warnings or errors in the server logs. I get a warning at the right bottom of Kibana screen momentarily as below. I haven't set any alerts

   To create an alert, set a value for
   in your kibana.yml file. Learn how.

There are some java script errors - I'm not sure one about SAML idp is relevant. Our Kibana instance sits behind an apache proxy . Proxy does the IDP authentication.

  Refused to execute inline script because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "script-src 'unsafe-eval' 'self'". Either the 'unsafe-inline' keyword, a hash ('sha256-P5polb1UreUSOe5V/Pv7tc+yeZuJXiOi/3fqhGsU7BE='), or a nonce ('nonce-...') is required to enable inline execution.

    bootstrap.js:43 ^ A single error about an inline script not firing due to content security policy is expected!
    home:1 Access to manifest at '' (redirected from '') from origin '' has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Failed to load resource: net::ERR_FAILED
    kbn-ui-shared-deps.js:453 INFO: 2020-09-11T17:25:15Z
      Adding connection to

    discover#/?_g=(filters:!(),refreshInterval:(pause:!t,value:0),time:(from:now-15m,to:now))&_a=(columns:!(_source),filters:!(),index:'8a37bdd0-f37a-11ea-9b12-d1e0d0c847e4',interval:auto,query:(language:kuery,query:''),sort:!()):1 Access to internal resource at '' (redirected from '') from origin '' has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource.
    1.plugin.js:3 "#noDataReact" element has not been added to the DOM yet
    renderReact @ 1.plugin.js:3
    render @ 1.plugin.js:3
    (anonymous) @ 1.plugin.js:3
    $digest @ kbn-ui-shared-deps.js:414
    o.defer @ kbn-ui-shared-deps.js:414
    $evalAsync @ kbn-ui-shared-deps.js:414
    (anonymous) @ kbn-ui-shared-deps.js:414
    d @ kbn-ui-shared-deps.js:414
    then @ kbn-ui-shared-deps.js:414

This sounds like which was recently fixed. The workaround is to set xpack.encryptedSavedObjects.encryptionKey in your kibana.yml to a string that is at least 32 characters long.

yes, that worked. thank you!

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