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I recently installed Winlogbeat 7.2.0 and Auditbeat 7.2.0.
The file included with the application download contains the instruction below.
To get started with Winlogbeat, you need to set up Elasticsearch on
your localhost first. After that, start Winlogbeat with:

 ./winlogbeat -c winlogbeat.yml -e

When I run the command in PowerShell to start Winlogbeat, there is continuous output in the shell (example below).
Do I need to leave this running in order for Winlogbeat to report events to Elasticsearch?

2019-06-30T08:20:08.675+0200 INFO beater/eventlogger.go:76 EventLog[System] successfully published 20 events


Hello @mually

You also can start it as a service as you can see in the following documentation link

Winlogbeat should be running in order to report logs to elasticsearch. If you stop the process in charge of the collection of the logs the log ingestion will stop :slight_smile:.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi Juan,

I assumed the running process will report logs to elasticsearch.
Thanks for confirming!


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