Starting a new plugin in Kibana 7

Hi there,

I am trying to start to write a new plugin in kibana where I can display specific fields of a single record in vertical manner.

Looking for examples or/and documentation where I can understand how my plugin can read kibana data and select one single record from a search and read the values in the plugin

You can create an empty plugin shell using the plugin generator.

In there are a bunch of sample plugins using various APIs, for your use case I recommend checking out the demo_search example.

Thanks flash1293

Hi Flash1293,

Is this option available in 7.1.2? I have tried without success. If it is not available, how to run these ones in 7.1.2.


The examples got introduced later. The APIs of Kibana are evolving relatively fast right now so you can't just use the current examples in 7.1, but for your version you can check these plugins:

Hi Joe,
I was having a look but there is not much documentation. Where I can find the documentation about API available for the plugin?

We are currently working on improving the developer experience - future versions of Kibana will have much better documentation (the example directory is one step into this direction).

For your target version, there are also resources in the "Developer guide" section of the documentation:

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