Starting Kibana creates continual adding template message


So the kibana logs showed a permissions error unpacking phantom.js, a little further digging showed that the /var/lib/kibana directory needed permissions changing

So things start successfully now with the odd instance of every now and again of:

[o.e.c.m.MetaDataIndexTemplateService] [es-node01] adding template [kibana_index_template:.kibana] for index patterns [.kibana]

This was a clean CentOS7 install using yum updates only using the install docs

Hope this helps someone if they come across this




Upgraded to ES 6.7.1 (CentOS7) and that worked after removing the geo-ip plugin. When starting kibana the following is logged continually

[INFO ][o.e.c.m.MetaDataIndexTemplateService] [es-node01] adding template [.management-beats] for index patterns [.management-beats]

Have deleted the templates and when restarting ES the metricbeat,filebeat and apm index patterns are re-created without issue.
To add that Kibana never gets any further than this and I have left for 15mins to see if anything progressed.

Can anyone shed any light on this at all please?



Hello Ed,

Is your Kibana up and running now?
We recently did some changes and that's why you are seeing that line in logs.


Hi Bhavya

Yes I can confirm it is working now, probably should of gone through the logs before posting but since the issue and fix were found quickly I hope the info helps anyone else who hits this problem.

Many thanks for the fix!



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