Starts With search on a Field

I need to do a startswith search on data in a field. None of the
"solutions" I've seen actually do this.

For example, if a have a field called "title" and it has "Tigers are
awesome", and I search for titles that start with "Tiger" I get a hit.
That's great. But I don't want a hit on the document with title "Awesome

I know you can do this with "match_phrase_prefix". But the problem is
"max_expansions". If I have 8000 documents and they all start with
"Tigers", the entire set of documents is not looked at since there is no
apparent way to force a match_phrase_prefix to look at all documents.

I have tried edge_ngrams solutions, but no luck. I still end up with
documents that have the word "tigers", but don't start with the word

So, is there a way to do a starts with search on a field, such that all
documents in the index are looked at?

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