Static lookup in Visualization

Hi Team ,

I am trying to use static lookup field in Visualization include tag but I am not get appropriate result. I have written around static lookup value in INSTANCE field. However if I use the output in include, I am not getting appropriate result on the visualization window.

Can someone please help me in writing a logic so that it can work with output values, as I cannot write 1000 values in include
PFA screenhot for static field

PFA screenshot when I pass the input value in include

PFA screenshot when I pass the Output value in include

The static lookup value is only used for output formatting so it cannot be used in queries. If there's a specific rule by which you create the lookup, i would look into creating a scripted field. And you can filter by that.

Hi Marius_Dragomir,

Thanks for your response, so are you suggesting to write all these conditions in scripted fields?

I am just afraid that it will be impacting the performance. Please suggest

If it's just one scripted field, it should be OK. It all depends on your data and it's size.