Statistical Mode, on visualizations?

Hi, is there any vizualization on wich you can display the mode of the data?

the definition of mode:

The mode is the value that appears most often in a set of data values.

This is what the Terms aggregation does, which is supported in all visualizations in Kibana.

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Mmm I don't understand how It works then, for example in a bar chart, if I need to get the mode of bandwidth utilization of several host, I will chose the x axis as a term agregation for the host field...but in the metric agreggation wich one should I choose?


The Terms aggregation will match all documents with the exact term, so if you create a visualization like:

Split series: Host name
X axis: Terms of Bandwidth
Y axis: Count of documents

You would get a bar chart showing the exact most common bandwidth values per host.

You might also benefit from using the Histogram aggregation instead of Terms, which can show the distribution of a number field.

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