Stats Api timeout error when I delete some indices in kibana

When I delete a lot of indices in kibana,about 20 Indies.And I got a lot stats api timeout error.
And,I never use the api[Cluster Stats,Nodes Stats,Index Stats].But I have enabled stack monitoring in kibana.
I create index by day.My Es Cluster have five nodes,Three mater,four data node.About 1TB data.And about 200 indices.And I use NAS disk.
Sometimes I will delete some indices.And then I will do a log delete commond in Dev-Tools.Every Indies just have about ten documents.It is a lot small indices。
After I do some Delete commond.The Elasticsearch will have a lot timeout error.And then ES cluster will become slowly in search in sometimes.I just worried about it.
I never use the api[Cluster Stats,Nodes Stats,Index Stats] in my coding.Does it coused by stack monitoring ,who can help me?

Delete commond,Such as.
(1)DELETE log_api_projects_20191110,log_api_projects_260191111,log_api_projects_20191112,log_api_projects_20191113,log_api_projects_20191114,log_api_projects_20191115,log_api_projects_2019116,log_api_projects_20191117
(2)DELETE log_api_projects_20191100,log_api_projects_260191011,log_api_projects_20191012,log_api_projects_20191013,log_api_projects_20191014,log_api_projects_20191015,log_api_projects_2019016,log_api_projects_20191017

What is the output of:

GET /_cat/nodes?v
GET /_cat/health?v
GET /_cat/indices?v

If some outputs are too big, please share them on and link them here.

And now.The cluster health is gree and always is green;Every indices just have one primary shard.And there is no indices is larger than 30GB.

And mater node is not the cordinating node.I write data in other nodes.kibana will ues the stats api?

Please do not post images of the screen as they are hard to read and impossible to search. Instead run the commands David listed and provide the output in a formatted form.

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