"status":403,"error":"OSCS-0004 Missing service GUID header: x-resource-service-instance-guid

Hi experts,

We use Search service which provides a pass-through service for clients, as if they are interacting with Elasticsearch Rest end point diractly.

Now we have set up:
search service server:http://<search-service_host>: 8080
ES server: http://<ES_host>:9200

We get the same response from them like:

name: **************
cluster_name: elasticsearch
version number: 6.1.2
build_hash: 5b1fea5
build_date: 2018-01-10T02:35:59.208Z
build_snapshot: false
lucene_version: 7.1.0
minimum_wire_compatibility_version: 5.6.0
minimum_index_compatibility_version: 5.0.0
tagline:You Know, for Search

Now we can use Kibana dashboard for ES server and create index in ES server.
But we can not create index in search service server. Any operation (POST/PUT) to search service server will result in error:
"status":403,"error":"OSCS-0004 Missing service GUID header: x-resource-service-instance-guid

And we can not get the same response from the request sent to http://<search-service_host>: 8080 and http://<ES_host>:9200

Do you know how to fix it? It has confused me for quite a while and few documents were found about this error/topic.

Thanks very much for any advice!

This issue does not sound like a Kibana one, as you can reproduce it going against Elasticsearch directly. I would recommend asking this in the Elasticsearch forum.

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