Status of copied shards in elastic


I would like to get information about actual state of relocating process of shard. I can get this information about shard according to docu:

curl -s -X GET "localhost:9201/_cat/shards/my_index" | grep RELOCATING
my_index 0 p RELOCATING 249564135 64.4gb node1 -> Dpj4oyolSF-5PULCvPlJUA node2

From documentation, I am not sure what is, in this case, number 249564135. From left side, there is name of index, number of replica/shard, primary/replica, status, unknown number, size of shard, ip from node1, node1 name, ip to node, id of target? What other options are available for GET request except index,shard,prirep,state,unassigned.reason?

I would like to create a bash script, to monitor this process. So e.g. I will know, that 50% of shard was already copied.

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_cat/recovery might be more useful.


@warkolm thank you for your help. It is exactly what I need. Do you know, what is the number from my question above?

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