Status Red for cluster

(Raghu Reddy) #1

Hi Team,

I have created 3 server for the elasticsearch, one is master and data node and 2 are only data node.

They are able to form the cluster, but when i use postman api to check i am getting status as red.

also i used below command to check, i am also getting same error.

curl -XGET ''


Please guide me.


Have you checked the logs?

(Raghu Reddy) #3


I got all the elastic search service as running successful.

I am not getting where it wrong/missing

(andy_zhou) #4

mini master node is big?
discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes: xxx
show the elastichsearch.yml file .

(andy_zhou) #5

use this search
this is red or green?

(Raghu Reddy) #6

This is green.

(andy_zhou) #7

so the cluster is ok.
use http://xx.xx.xx:9200/_cluster/health?pretty to see the es cluster status.

(Raghu Reddy) #9

But when try to check the status of cluster through the postman it is red, because of which the activity is pending

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