Stopping any incoming data from filebeat

Since a while, I've been suffering from timeout each time I wanted to make a change through REST API calls.

I've given the issue some thoughts and came to the idea of temporary blocking any incoming data so it wouldn't trigger any ingest or bulk operation. I have a few concerns:

  • I don't want to lose any data coming from the filebeat clients because the elastic search server was unavailable for too long.
  • If possible, I don't want to touch the firewall settings.

I thought about removing the data and ingest role to the node? Is it a viable way to do that?

Removing all the roles didn't help, instead it generated more errors and I still had the timeout by callling of a REST API call.

Any suggestion? And if the only option I have is to block incoming communication through Firewall, what rule should I add/modify?


If you are using Logstash to collect logs, have you tried working with Persistent Queues? IIUC your use case can be helped by using a pre-calculated size for the queue at logstash and back-pressure filebeat when the queue is full. The filebeat logs will only be accepted when the queue is not filled again. I was able to work through a spike in incoming data using this flow.

No I'm feeding the logs directly into the ingest nodes, but I am open to any idea which might help.


Let me explain how I tackled this. However it would be highly likely there's a better way of achieving the same thing (provided I understood your problem correctly). This worked for me :slight_smile:

So the way log ingestion happens in this specific deployment was through log file -> filebeat -> logstash -> elasticsearch. Logstash is used to throttle, parse, and enrich log entries. In my case it was a given that spikes could occur during the log ingestion.

Persistent Queues seems to be the Elastic recommended way to buffer such spikes [1]. With Persistent Queues enabled, logstash will write all incoming logs from filebeat to a file based queue, and process them in order. If the queue fills up (you can define the size on disk or the number of events in flight as a limit) logstash will stop accepting events from filebeat until the queue becomes free again.

Enabling persistent queues is pretty easy. Refer to the guide for that [2].

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