Stopping trying to execute pipeline for document not on current index

I've been looking into one of the most recent log file (.i.e the log entries for one day) and I've found about 295 log entry similar to the following:

[DEBUG][o.e.a.b.TransportBulkAction] [es-1] failed to execute pipeline [lgw] for document [index-2019.06.27/doc/null]

There are even entries for document in index which are already long gone!

How can I stop pipeline execution, if there are not at most directed to the index of the day before the current day?


how about a processor that checks in your pipeline for the date of the timestamp that the document provided? If that is older than X, you could use the drop processor.


That could be interesting, is there a way to set that globally? I have about half a dozen pipeline I'll need to update.

no, pipelines can be configured on a per-index base though.

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