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How can I determine the storage usage for App Search in my deployment?

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Hi Noam,

To determine the storage usage for App Search in your Elasticsearch deployment, you can use the Elasticsearch Cat APIs, specifically the GET _cat/indices API. This API provides information about all the indices in your cluster, including their sizes.


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Thank you for replying!
Is there a way to achieve it from the UI?


Open Kibana and go to the "Stack Management" section. Click on "Index Management" under the "Data" section. You will see a list of all indices in your cluster along with their sizes.


I’m not sure if it’s the right way for an App Search. I see only the data in Elasticsearch.


If you are using the Crawler, you should look for something similar to this: .ent-search-engine-documents-123. Otherwise, you need to search for the index you use to create the the App Search.

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