Store incoming data before dealing with it?

Hey there,

I'm getting data to Logstash from tcp and udp but I want to store these data into a file before Logstash process it. Is this possible?

The new persistent queue functionality allows data to be stored on disk while it is processed. This allows Logstash to buffer if there are issues with output destinations. Does this match what you are looking for or is there a different reason behind your question?

It kind of answer the question. I'm getting logs from pfSense through tcp/udp to Logstash but I want to store these logs because I need to do some other operation on them that is totally irrelevant to Logstash.

Logstash has a file output plugin that does allow you to write data to file.

I tried it and it writes out the data that has been processed by Logstash (there is already all Logstash's filters).

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