Store indices in separate locations

Hi all, I know this wasn’t possible with older version of elastic but in the recent version I haven’t been able to confirm yet.

Can I define multiple locations to store indexes and define what index type is placed where? So that I can tell elastic to store my frozen indexes in a different place to my hot data?

Thanks in advance, if there is any documentation I missed about this I am happy to be pointed back to it.

See the Hot-Warm examples

These use an attribute box_type, but I think that field value is arbitrary. This post uses different keywords with similar results.

Thanks for the reply, I didn’t explain what I want properly in my original post.

I want to have a node store different indexes in different directories. I don’t want to define this policy based on nodes but rather make the same node decide in which directory or drive to store a certain index. All my hosts have slow and fast drives and I am trying to leverage that the best possible way.

Yes I could run multiple nodes per host but that would make things much more complex to run and more costly from a license point of view.

You can not make that differentiation within a single node so will need to use multiple nodes per host to allow that level of control.

I am happy to work with a hack if that’s what it takes, any even remote option I could explore for that?

When you setup multiple nodes per host, how do you do it? Do you use rpms (if you are on Linux) or do you use the binaries and setup two district software structures? I have been looking st this but there so so many ways I could do it, any tips?

Thanks in advance!

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