Stored fields and SearchResponse


SearchResponse<ObjectNode> searchResponse =, ObjectNode.class);
Hit<ObjectNode> hit = searchResponse.hits().hits().get(0);
Map<String, JsonData> fields = hit.fields();
JsonData data = fields.get("somefield");

What is the correct way to turn 'data' into a json string for further processing?

Hi @toddcarv,

Per chance are you using the Elasticsearch Java client?

Have you tried looking at the JsonpMapper to convert data into an object for further processing as suggested in the documentation?

A raw JSON value. It can be converted to a JSON node tree or to an arbitrary object using a JsonpMapper.

Thanks. Yes I'm using the Java client. And yes I read the doc. It also says " Instances of this class returned by API clients keep a reference to the client's JsonpMapper and can be converted to arbitrary types using to(Class) without requiring an explicit mapper." I ran a test and I'm able to use the following to get the json string from a JsonData.

String json = fields.get("thefield").toJson().toString();

Using this doesn't seem to work:

String json = fields.get("thefield").to(String.class);

Looking at the JavaDoc for to(Class) it states that you need to specify a mapper:

Converts this object to a target class. A mapper must have been provided at creation time.
java.lang.IllegalStateException - if no mapper was provided at creation time.

Can you see if specifying an explicit mapper works?

Am I missing something? It says I shouldn't have to if the instance was returned by the API client - whiich it was.

I'm slightly confused myself. Can you share the link to the location in the docs where it says an explicit mapper isn't needed?

From two posts ago:

Specifically I'm trying to figure out how do access the value of a stored field. It used to be like this with the HLRC:

DocumentField field = fields.get("thefield");
String value = field.getValue();


JsonData jsonData = fields.get("thefield");
// How to get the first string value?

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