Stored fields for which types?

(AJ) #1

With regards to stored fields in elasticsearch (, does anyone has more documentation or info about which field types these stored fields can be tied to?

For e.g. how would it work for field types 'object' or 'json' ??? it's failing for me on 'object' type.

Any advice/thoughts would be most welcome

(Zachary Tong) #2

Stored fields can be applied to any concrete, non-object/non-complex types. So keyword, text, the numerics, IP, dates, etc.

I don't believe it works for nested, object or geo_point/geo_shape. Basically, any of the complex types that are actually composed of sub-types won't work.

I'm not sure if this is documented anywhere unfortunately. We should fix that :slight_smile:

(AJ) #3

thanks Zach for the reply.....what you state does make sense, but I would have expected this to be more explicit in the documentation, as in, stored fields don't apply to certain types; as it's been very much a trial and error for me and even wondering if I was doing something wrong in my code or buggy version of ES.

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