Stored procedure in Elastic search

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I from relational database background. In MySQL we use to store datas in database based on conditions for requirements.We used to write script that is stored procedures .Using stored procedure we used to store datas and updated database.If we call that script using as single name it does all the opearations written in the script based on our input to scripts.

Then help me out to write code in elasticsearch as that above stored script(stored procedure) that multiple operations.

Elasticsearch does not support stored procedures, so you will need to implement any such logic externally.

Dear Christian,

What does it mean -> Implement it externally.Then how to write in elasticserch equivalent to stored procedure

You can’t so need to handle this ap the application layer.

Need to write that stored procedure in application layer(i.e front end developer) is this right?.

You will need to implement the logic outside Elasticsearch. If you have a front end connect directly to Elasticsearch instead of via a server process I guess that is where you need to put it. I might however be easier to introduce an intermediate layer.

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IF you can please tell me an intermediate layer to write to write that stored procedure.

Create a server process in the programming language of your choice and have the front end connect to this instead of directly to Elasticsearch. You can then implement more complex logic there and keep this out of your front end.

From front end to server process then connect to elasticsearch .is this correct

Dear Christian,

                What is an Elasticsearch sql.

Elasticsearch has its own query language and supports aggregations. This blog post provides a good introduction to Elasticsearch and the query language.

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