Storing custom position information in fields


I have a use-case where I have some metadata information about certain terms present in the document, that I want to separately store in a field. I also want any matches to terms with the metadata specific information, highlight only those occurrences of the terms which have the metadata.

Example (simplistic one to illustrate a parallel usecase):
I eat a lot of chocolates. Eat is a great restaurant.


{"content": "I eat a lot of chocolates. Eat is a great restaurant."

I would like to store information about this statement with mapping such as "field:Noun, field:Verb" etc. and parse the about document and add "eat" to both the Noun and Verb fields. Along with it, I want to store the information about the position of "eat" in both the fields to be the right occurrence of eat in the original document - i.e., position "2" for verb and position "7" for noun, that I would like to use later when I highlight uses of eat as a Noun to the user in my UX. (Basically a query of verb:eat should retrieve the above document and only highlight the occurrence of "eat" in the first sentence.

What options do I have to do this?

  1. Ideally, if I can change the positional information being stored inside the specific fields of ES, I could override it to give position "2" for verb field (instead of the default position"1" it would pick). Is there any support for this to be extensible inside ES today?
  2. Store it as term payload along with each term. I would like to avoid this if possible.

Other options?


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