Strange output in Time Series Visual Builder

I'm trying to use TSVB to show a list of the most common alerts in my system. If I do a search in Discovery, I get three documents with my settings.

Discovery view with three docs

If I use Top N and do a Count Aggregation with a term grouping, I get all documents from the index within the selected time frame.

Top N settings

But I need to do some filtering to show just the alerts and not all status messages etc in the index. Therefore, I used Panel Filter _type:elastalert to filer out the unwanted, just like in the Discovery tab.
But with the filtering, I only get a count of 1, even though it should be 3. Why?

Panel Filter settings

If I look at the documents, they are identical, except for ID's and timestamps.

It's showing the last bucket and not the count for the entire time period. You would need to add an "overall sum" to see all three.

Thank you, that did it!

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