Strategies for working with often updated documents

I have forum. And every topic has such field as viewCount - how many times topic was viewed by forum users.

I wanted that all fields of topics were taken from ES (id,date,title,content and viewCount). However, this case after every topic view ES must reindex entire document again - I asked the question about particial update at stack - .

It means that if topic is viewed 1000 times ES will index it 1000 times. And if I have a lot of users many documents will be indexed again and again. This is first strategy.

The second strategy, as I think is to take some fields of topic from index and some from database. At this case I take viewAcount from DB. However, then I can store all fields in DB and use index only as INDEX - to get ids of current topic.

Are there better strategies? What is the best way to solve such problem? Please, help me.

Александр Свиридов

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