Stream Log , log details issue since upgrade to 8.14.x - Error while searching the log entry


I'm having issue with an ELK stack, ever since upgrading it to 8.14.1.
In Kibana, in the Observability > Stream Logs > Stream logs,

when trying to see the details of a log entry, I'm getting the following error instead:

Error while searching the log entry

Failed to validate: in : undefined does not match expected type { total: number, successful: number, skipped: number, failed: number } in : undefined does not match expected type Partial<{ failures: Array<Partial<{ index: (string | null), node: (string | null), reason: Partial<{ reason: (string | null), type: (string | null) }>, shard: number }>> }> in timed_out: undefined does not match expected type boolean in took: undefined does not match expected type number in hits: undefined does not match expected type { hits: Array<({ _index: string, _id: string } & { sort: [string, number] } & Partial<{ fields: { [K in string]: JsonArray } }>)> }.

This isn't logged either to the Kibana logs or the Elasticsearch logs, no matter how verbose I set the log level.
Everything else seems to be working fine.

Any idea of what could be causing this issue?



I have the same issue since upgrading to version 8.14 (on docker). Have you found a solution or any leads on how to resolve this? Thank you!

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@Anywhere I have no problem upgrading on Docker with 8.14.0 or 8.14.1. So please open a new discussion and describe exactly what you did, from which version and what are the logs.

@Anywhere no, didn't find a solution either.

I'm using docker as well.

On my side, I followed the steps as described here: Upgrade Elastic on-prem | Elastic Installation and Upgrade Guide [8.14] | Elastic after checking the upgrade assistant. (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, Beats) in that order.
The issue happened after migrating from 8.13.1 to 8.14.0. Still having this error message after an upgrade from 8.14.0 to 8.14.1

No errors in the kibana, elasticsearch or logstash logs, only the error described in Observability > Stream logs

Hey everyone,

this is a known issue in 8.14. We've merged a fix for 8.15 and are trying to make it available for the next 8.14 patch release too.