String filter based on a file?

HI there,

I'm really new ELK stack. I would like to know if it was possible to base a filter on a list, contained in a file ?

Basically, instead of :

if "string1" in [log] or "string2" in [log] or "string3" in [log] or ... {}

Is it possible to do something like :

if [log] in "./list_of_strings.txt" {}

My problem concerns a list of around 3000 strings. Is there some kind of plugin for this or my problem should not be addressed with Logstash ?

Have a nice day.

You could do this using a translate filter. Your list_of_strings.txt would have to be a list_of_strings.csv where the second column in the csv was a fixed value. You would then test whether the [translation] field contained that fixed value after the translate filter executed.

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