String Scripted field conversion to keyword

I have created one scripted field of string format. Need to convert that in keyword format to perform aggregation operation on that scripted field. How can I convert that string?
Thanks in advance.

Scripted fields are always aggregatable - keyword vs. text fields are only a concept of indexed fields in Elasticsearch, not for scripted fields in Kibana. Those are always of type "string".

Hi @flash1293 ,
I am trying same scripted field in TSVB table for group by operation. but it is not displaying anything in table. So do i need to convert that field in any other format? if yes, please give solution.

  • Did you make sure the scripted field works as expected (e.g. by looking at the values in Discover)?
  • Does the table show any data if grouping by another field?

Hi @flash1293 ,
scripted field works as expected & grouping on other field is possible. I have added that field in filebeat while loading data in logstash only. Now that issue it solved.

Hi @flash1293 ,
One more issue is there. I am trying to set colors to pie-chart while creating pie-chart on basis of field value like if "Success" then set that slice color to green & if it is "Failed" then setting other slice to "Red". but colors updated with some random colors after some time. How to fix color for pie-chart based on Field value?

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