Struggling to visualize histogram of max temperatures [newbie]

OK, to make a long story short, I'm trying to visualize the distribution of maximum temperatures a fleet of IoT devices see during each of their operating sessions and since I am a total newbie on both elastic and kibana I am in dire need of some input from you guys, so here goes:

Let's say my IoT devices produce log entries that contain a session-id, an event-id, and a value. session-id is a GUID that is created when the device boots up, so a session lasts from boot-up until the device shuts down for any reason. The device can generate many different types of events, each identified with its own event-id. For example temperature changes are logged with the "operating-temperature" event-id. The temperature value is stored in the "value" parameter.

Now, the temperature is logged at the start of each session (as an integer), so all sessions will have at least one temperature event, and most sessions will have multiple.

I have managed to create a chart over all recorded temperature readings (filtering on event-id and then counting each temp value), but what I would like to do is to find the max temperature for each session (highest temperature reading per session-id), and then visualize it in a bar graph with the different max-temperature readings on the x-axis and the number of session-id:s on the Y-axis.

So, can that somehow be done in Kibana, or do I have to change the way we log or process the logs upstream?

It should be doable, it does depend on how your data looks, but assuming a basic document structure:

  1. Set the Metric for the X axis as Max of "value".
  2. On the y-axis just do a Terms aggregation based on session-id field.

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