Struggling with regionmapsConfig provider


Hello team, I'm struggling to solve the next error:

Unknown provider: regionmapsConfigProvider <- regionmapsConfig

I've adapted few things from my plugin in order to work with 6.3.0 but still seeing this error.

Thanks in advance, I'm almost done but regionmaps...


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unfortunately that error message is not much saying, but a common mistake. We've changed the way you need to copy over injected UI vars in your plugin. Add to your plugin description (i.e. inside the object you pass to new kibana.Plugin():

init(server) {
  server.injectUiAppVars('youAppId', async () => (
    await server.getInjectedUiAppVars('kibana')

Where yourAppId must match the id you gave your application in the app part of that file. ALso if your plugin was running earlier already, you might have the old injectVars key in your app definition, which you can remove.

Also see kibana_sample_plugin for an example of how to migrate the index.js.


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Ok thanks!

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