Sub-charts in Kibana


Is it possible to create sub chart in kibana?For example If a Pie chart has 3 division and if I clicked a division It has to go to another pie chart or other chart where it gives more details about the clicked division


Hi @Harish346,

I believe what you're looking for is drilldown links that are currently not supported, you can track progress here. For the time being you can rely on dashboard filters to kind of imitate this behavior.

Let's say you have a pie chart and want to get detailed information about documents within a particular slice: so you have a dashboard with a pie chart, saved search for this set of data and anything else you may want (like link to another dashboard). See short demo below:

Let me know if I can help with anything else.



Hi @azasypkin
Thanks for your Help.Is there any way to give different links for a same field in a datatable?
For example If my data table has a field xyz and values in the field are yyy and zzz.If I click yyy it needs to redirect me to a link and if I click zzz it needs to redirect me to another Link


Well, it depends on what exactly you want to do and what shape your data has. E.g. you can just use URL formatter like that on existing or scripted field:

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