SubContracts in US

(Daniel Fuka) #1

Aloha folks,
First, Sorry for those outside of the US, but I believe this is USA companies/institutions only.

I am sharing this as I think the ElasticStack would make an ideal foundation for each of the two subawards offered by NSF EarthCube. The Resource Registry subaward is up to ~$150k and the P419 is up to ~$250k. They are looking for 15 page maximum on proposals, with usual headings - Project Summary, Project Description/Statement of Work, Deliverables and Time-table, Budget Summary, Budget Justification, CVs of PIs, etc.

If a team is formed/interested, I can help provide the background into the inner workings of NSF EarthCube.

Dear EarthCube Community,

This is a friendly reminder that you have until next Wednesday, October 17, 2018 to submit a proposal for one of EarthCube's two current RFPs. Please pass this along to colleagues who may be interested. Thank you!

Access the RFPs here.

As part of EarthCube's plans to develop infrastructure, architecture, or other components related to our mission of enabling geoscience discoveries through new or enhanced data infrastructure and workflow support , the ESSO will periodically make awards to the community via an RFP process.

Currently we are requesting proposals for two projects related to Project 418 - The EarthCube Resource Registry Project and Project 419 (P419) Software System Upgrade Project .