Subdividing kibana report two levels deep


Is it possible to subdivide kibana report two levels deep? Meaning - if you look at the graph bellow - could I subdivide graph bars as stacked by a another parameter? Right now it goes by date time for each bar, and split graph provides one parameter to divide on; But I would like to divide each bar as stacked bar using another, second parameter; I can do that if I have one graph only - then combine multiple graphs like that in a new dashboard and save it, but could I do it in a sub graph like the one attached?


It looks like you are already splitting the bars by Host... Try moving that bucket (split bars) down below the split chart to see if that gives you the results you're looking for.

Yes it did - part of the problem was that there was not enough data for unrelated reason. Data came in this morning as issue was worked out - all looks good now - thank you.