Substring and contains in painless

i have a internal uri which has one of values like /appname/api/v4/bdq/rules/ i want to filter them a nd extract only field v4 from that url using substring function

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So in this case, you can take a look at painless regular expressions and use split to extract that part from the URL. See

hope this helps!


I dont see split function working for me.

a bit more information would be useful, like the error you are getting and also the input you are using it on.

i have an endpoint uri which looks like /appname/api/v4/bdq/rules/

1)extract v* from all uri and display their counts

I asked for more information, your second reply does not contain any error messages or how the split function is not working - can you elaborate? I know what you want to do, but I would like to see some code that shows how you are using the split function.

looking for something like this

def path = doc['internalUri.keyword'].contains('v*');
/which will retrieve all paths which contains word v3,v2,v1/
if (path != null) {
return path.Substring(1,23);
abstract only v3 from path
return "";
but not working


"root_cause": [
"type": "script_exception",
"reason": "runtime error",
"script_stack": [
"return path.Substring(1,23);\n }\n",
" ^---- HERE"
"script": "def path = doc['internalUri.keyword'].contains('v3');\nif (path != null) {\n return path.Substring(1,23);\n }\nreturn "";",
"lang": "painless"

again, the context is important. Please provide a full reprodicble example. I have no idea in which context this script is used. If it is a script query, it should only return a boolean. Therefore the full stack trace is important.

Sorry Alex it is a painless script which was found in documentation


what i was trying to accomplish was get all strings which was word v3 in parsed field which has value like
.... /appname/api/v3/bdq/rules/

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