Subtracting time in elasticsearch query

If I want to query event in a "relative" time window, I can do it in elasticsearch if my reference point is the current time "now". So I can say I want to query documents in the last 24 hours by sending the following query:

GET _search
	"query" : {
			"@timestamp" : {

However, I can't find a way to do this based on a timestamp that I can specify. So what I need is something similar to e.g. {"gte":"2016-11-13T18:35:08.219Z-1d","lt":"2016-11-13T18:35:08.219Z"}. Is there any query format which makes this possible?

It looks like you can replace now with a date string ending in ||. So says the docs. So I expect "gte":"2016-11-13T18:35:08.219Z||-1d","lt":"2016-11-13T18:35:08.219Z"} to work.


Yes this works. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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