Sudden increase in indexing time, very low performance

Hi There,

we are using 10 node cluster of Azure VMs with Premium storage(4 data, 3 master and 3 client) , and using weekly index.

Currently the weekly index size is of size around 200 GB, we are using a GUID as ID field for indexing. Earlier, it use to take around 5-10 min for indexing a 700MB file(around 2.5 lakh docs of 3 kb each) .

Suddenly, it started taking 2 hours for the same 700 mb file.

I have checked all the ES Logs, and no suspicious thing found, and cluster state is green without any failure.

What to check, how the check the indexing performance, like, how many documents are being indexed, and how much memory(heap and non-heap) is being utilized for indexing, is it using any virtual memory .

Also, how can see the heap usage ? like which task/process is using how much heap memory?

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