Sudo password for elastic user

I am taking the intro to observability course and kind of hit a road block. There is a strigo lab environment which I need to download and install filebeats. The instructions send you to the page below to download but you need sudo access and it prompts you for the password for the user.


Hi Romain -

Couple things:

  1. It is confusing that the directions in the course seemed to indicate you needed to download and then install filebeats. The directions from the lab guide do seem to indicate that you only need to unzip the file

  2. Still, the command below does not work:

I will paste in my results. It seems like the package is there but in a different format

tar -xzf filebeat-7.6.2-linux-x86_64.tar.gz

Hello Bob,

Apologize for my first answer which was incorrect, I confused this with another course.

You're right, you need to download Filebeat. However it seems that you didn't use the correct URL to download FIlebeat, you need to use this one:

See my screenshot below:

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