Suggesters not working in Elasticsearch 5.3 (AWS)

I can't get suggesters to work in Elasticsearch 5.3 (AWS).

I'm trying the samples but the options array for the returned suggesters is always an empty array. Is there any special mapping I need to do on my index? Are suggesters supported on the AWS version of Elasticsearch 5.3?

In case it changes anything here is the doc for 5.3:

If it doesn't work, may be ask their support.

BTW did you look at and ?

Yes, it seems to support it from the docs but I know AWS does have some features disabled.

Is there anyway to do some type of debugging to figure out why I'm not getting any suggested terms? Do the fields have to have any special type?

There is a full working example on this page:

You can run it on AWS service. If it does not work, then create a free trial instance on and try there as well.

That will give you the answer I guess.

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