Suggesters with autcomplete on match_phrase_prefix

Hi Team,

I want to create suggester with autocomplete feature. Currently, suggestions are coming on prefix which i need to change. For example: I have machine name as ROV Magnum 001. My current suggester is working fine if I type ROV but if I type Magnum then it won't show in suggestion. I want to implement this. I can use match_phrase_prefix but that would not give me suggestions, only results.

Is there any way in which i can search the words from in between and show it as suggestion.


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you can make something with aggregation and include regex on the field to have value can be selected in your autocompletion list with the partial value tape by the user. But there is another issue, the regex it's not insensitive.

I'm currently working to find another solution. perhaps ... :wink:

Hi Awenger,

Check the below link may be this will help you. I already check this but facing some issue.

I am able to tokenize the words but using suggest query i am not able to get the results in options.

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