SUGGESTION: Allow CRON based rollover expressions

The current rollover feature supports only rollover by age (some length of time) or by file size (size of index exceeds some number or number of entries exceeds some number). In real business applications, rollover are required for irregular time measures like

  • every day - at midnight or every multiple of days like every 2 days, every 4 days, ...etc.
  • every week - at midnight or every multiple of weeks like every 2 weeks, every 10 weeks, ...etc
  • every month - on 1st of month at midnight (00:00:00 hour) or every 3 months, every 4 months
  • every year - on Jan 1st at midnight (00:00:00 hour) or every 2 years, ...etc.

In order to implement such feature, ElasticSearch must support CRON expression based rolloever expressions. See Linux CRON expression on Google Search. CRON expression has been used successfully in several applications.

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Reading into your suggestion, it seems like the main difference between what there is now, and what you are suggesting, is a specific time for the rollover? eg at the moment, the rollover will happen at time of index creation + max_age, whereas you want to rollover every day, but exactly at midnight.

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