Suggestion: Improve logging when /tmp is noexec

Centos 7.5
ES 6.4.2

I just spent some hrs chasing bootstrap issues that were all caused by /tmp being noexec

Can I suggest that a bootstrap test for this be explicitly added, so that it gets fixed FIRST?

Issues that /tmp as noexec caused (when I flipped the machine to non localhost):

  1. bootstrap.memory_lock -- could not be set to true. Got all these errors when I set it to true, but the root issue was /tmp being noexec

  2. system call filter -- bootstrap fail, found myself setting "bootstrap.system_call_filter: false" to get system running. It came up (well, came up further), but turns out... this bootstrap fail was an artifact of /tmp being noexec

Fixed /tmp, and I am rocking, with all bootstrap checks and no funny configs.

Thanks for the feedback!
Would you be open to creating a feature request here with this? That's the best place to get active feedback on these types of requests :slight_smile:

Done, #35064

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