Sum aggregation is incorrect compare to scroll all docs to sum

I discovered that a simple sum aggregation is different to that I write a code to scroll all documents and sum the field value. the value formula is always

${sum-aggregation-result} + 1 == ${scroll-sum}

Elasticsearch Version: 6.3.1
index shard num: 1
index replica : 1
index Mapping is like:

"filed": {
 "type": "long"

use sum aggregation

GET .../index/_search?size=0&pretty
    "aggs" : {
        "sum_field_price" : { 
            "sum" : { "field" : "field_price" } 

returns the result is 1.7458313843517748E16
that is


use scroll

I use script to scroll all documents and sum the field value in script and returns


and we also have this index data in hive, we sum the data in hive the result is also 17458313843517749

so why the result of sum aggregation on elasticsearch is incorrect?

cc @colings86

Maybe it is related to kahan sum algorithm which elasticsearch use in Sum Aggregation

After viewing the source, the SumAggregator use (double) sum += (double) value, is it the reason cause the long value field precision problem?
the compensation value in SumAggregator.getLeafCollector().collect() maybe lead to the precision diff 1.0 between 1.7458313843517748E16 and 17458313843517749

So, make kahan summation in sum aggregation in elasticsearch is not 100% accurate itself, even if the field type is long ?

1.7458313836007748E16 + 1.0 = 1.7458313836007748E16 in double

So, in kahan summation, if the corrected is very small compare to huge double sum
then the newSum = sum + corrected will lose the precision

Another question is why sum aggregation use double for all field mapping numeric type? if field type is long, we can use long type in sum aggregation, and we will not lose the precision.

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