Sum function not working on Unique Count

I'm trying to use the total function in a Kibana visualization and I have a table with 2 columns, one is a string and the other one is a Unique Count of some strings. The values seems correct, but when I try to apply the Total function on those values, nothing happens for any operation (SUM, MIN, MAX, AVG). The only operation that the total function shows is COUNT.

If I change the metric to Unique Count and the filed type a number, the SUM function works. Is there a limitation for the Total Function? Is the result of Unique count still a string ? Is there a way to convert it to number?

Kibana Version: 5.5.2

Note: Was this something that worked on Kibana Version 5.0.0 ?

I'm seeing the same issue in 5.5.2 running locally. It doesn't happen in the latest Kibana--total always shows a value for Unique Count, whether the field type is number or string.

We no longer support 5.5.x. I'd suggest upgrading. Let me try to find the oldest version where this was fixed.

This suggests it was only fixed in 6.3.0, but I'm doing more research.

You are totally right--this worked in 5.0.0. I don't have a clear way to see exactly which minor it started breaking in without manually checking every version. I did just check 5.6.9, and it unfortunately is still broken in that version. So you would have to either downgrade (yikes!) or upgrade to a 6.x (6.3 to be safe).

Thank you very much for the quick reply on this topic. I did a local test and even in 6.2 the problem is present, so as you said only in 6.3 the problem is fixed. When this version we'll be available in AWS, we'll upgrade.

Topic can be closed. Thanks, Codrin.

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