Sum size indices


I'm trying to sum store.size of my indices by type of indices.
In first time, i'm listing my indice name:

GET _cat/indices/*portailsc*?v
health status index                                     uuid                   pri rep docs.count docs.deleted store.size
green  open   sigedi-sig-portailsc-appli-2019.07.26     gmZGzz2hS5ay-XevMn17nw   2   1    7924881            0      8.4gb          4.2gb
green  open   sigedi-sig-portailsc-accesslog-2019.08.03 C9KBNwv-Si2yZHaBk8fc0A   2   1    2946104            0      1.6gb        842.6mb
green  open   sigedi-sig-portailsc-accesslog-2019.08.04 B2JODPGRQoGLDTIfcgMo-Q   2   1    2934354            0      1.6gb        840.4mb
green  open   sigedi-sig-portailsc-accesslog-2019.07.15 8u5BoH1QQVOPb5xJ9Fp9_g   2   1    2193690            0      1.2gb        645.8mb

I would to sum total store.size of my list, to make dashboard in Kibana.
I'm beginner and i'm trying to know if it's possible and how.