Sum values of two csv inputfiles result to an index file

I need some help and don't know how to start with it.

Basically, i have two csv input files (coming from 2 different nodes) and would like to sum the values with the result going to elasticsearch..

Any help is greatly appreciated...

node link rate-in rate-out
node1 link1 10 20
node1 link2 30 50
node1 link3 40 60

node link rate-in rate-out
node2 link1 20 10
node2 link2 50 70
node2 link3 80 40

Result --> create elasticsearch index
node link rate-in rate-out
allnode link1 30 30
allnode link2 80 120
allnode link3 120 100


You could try using an aggregate filter with the link as the task id.

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