Support ARM platform and Add ARM CI infrastructure

Hi folks,
Currently we are trying to promote some opensource projects support building and running on ARM platform. such as Hadoop, Spark, Hbase. Elasticsearch is a very popular opensource project focus on search and analytics solution, we hope to we can also help to do similar contribution in Elasticsearch community. I have searched similar ARM support topics[1] and found there are many others people also have similar requirements, but there isn't an officially statement and guarante mechanism now. Elasticsearch is wrote in Java, so it is natrually support multiple platform, but just like some other Big-data projects wrote in Java, may it also have some dependencies support problems. So we would like to propose to add an ARM specific CI system for Elasticsearch community to ensure the development always support ARM platform.

Elasticsearch community now use the Jenkins as CI system, to implement the ARM CI, we are pleasure to provide ARM mechines (VMs in public clouds) that can integrated to the current Jenkins cluster. Or we can also add an external ARM CI system in OpenLab[2], which is CI system we maintained and can be well integrated with Github. As first step, we can setup the ARM CI can to run building process and run basic test cases set of Elasticsearch and publish results. If possible, we are can help to build the CI system and ensure long-term maintenance.

hope to hear your thoughts.



ARM support is already something we're working on; a big part of that was indeed adding ARM workers to the CI system.

Hi @DavidTurner, Thank you for your reply, that is cool!
It is looks like the PRs has been merged and ES ARM support is done, the next step is adding ARM CI workers. is there any plan about infra team adding the ARM CI workers ?


The work in this area is not yet done: there are currently a number of open issues attached to the PR I linked above, and there's no guarantee that this is an exhaustive list of the remaining work. However you should be able to observe at least one ARM CI worker at

Oh, thank you, yes I have found there is a ARM CI worker, that is great. I will pay attentions to the issues mentioned in the PR to see if there is anything I can help. thank you :slight_smile:

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