Support Kotlin Coroutines

I've created a github issue to support Kotlin Coroutines in elastic apm java agent - Support Kotlin Coroutine
And implemented that feature in PR -

It's already about 2 weeks but nobody reviews it. How can I get it reviewed, merged and released?

Hi @bastrich , thanks for your contribution !

Sorry for the lack of timely reply on your PR, as it's the summer holiday season there is a lot of catch-up to do currently.

Also, the team is currently under load, thus we don't have as much time as we'd like to spend on community PRs, especially the larger ones like yours. Another tricky part of such language-specific feature like Kotlin co-routines is that they are applied broadly and require extensive testing (multiple versions x all the possible use-cases) before being merged.

However, not all contributions have to be merged to the main codebase as we can load external plugins (separate jars). The feature is definitely not well (if at all) documented, but you can find an example in our integration tests.

Since you have something that is working for your use-case, that will allow you to use APM agent with your own instrumentation without relying on a complete agent snapshot version that you will have to maintain on your own. Would that be a suitable option for you in the near term ?

In the future we plan to build a list of external plugins, or even store them into a "contrib" repository, we'd be happy to link yours if you want.

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