Support of iTunes RSS in logstash-input-rss plugin

Is this supported by logstash-input-rss?
In other words where I can find which of the below are supported by this plugin?

  1. RSSFeedBurner
  2. GoogleDocsAtom
  3. AtomFeedBurner
  4. Atom
  5. ITunesRSS
  6. RSS

Was not able to find relevant documentation. Can someone point me to it if it exists somewhere?

The RSS Input Plugin is a community-provided generic plugin for RSS and Atom feeds. It does not support any specific RSS/Atom feeds, but lets you configure it to point to specific feeds.

Have you tried using it with the appropriate URLs for the above services? If so, what happened?

I tried with an ITunesRSS format feed. It did not pick up the fields which had itunes specific html tags.

Something like :
<itunes:owner>... </itunes:owner>

Conf file:

    input {
             interval => 6000
             url => "http://www.blahblah/podcast.xml"
	output {
					  hosts => "whatever:9200"
					  index => "blah"
					  manage_template => true
					  codec => rubydebug

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