Supporting Exact Search while obeying punctuations using ES

Hi folks,
I am new to ES and was stuck at something so seeking help!
I have a search requirement where I need to get results for "Exact Matches".
Consider it similar to Google's double quote search but only on content title (i.e. search would be based on one field only).

Let us assume this field is called "title". Now consider I have the following titles for my content in ES.

  1. Artificial Intelligence is amazing.
  2. Aritifical-Intelligence is new.
  3. Artificial/Intelligence are very different.
  4. Artificial,Intelligence named top words.
  5. ArtificialIntelligence is the next big thing.
  6. Intelligence is always Real and not Artificial.

Now lets say the user searches for "Artificial Intelligence", they should receive 1 on top but should contain other results as well but not 6.

When searched for Artificial-Intelligence 2 should appear on top and other results should also show up. (no 6)
When "ArtificialIntelligence" is searched it should be on top and other results should also be shown. (no 6)

Basically, search is matches need to be exact i.e. maintaining the order and punctuation should be considered as well if present in the query. Any help or direction here would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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