Suppressing the content in Cluster response

Hi ES Users,

I have indexed a large sample of data to ES. Now I am running the cluster query to categorize the data on the basis of "Content". But I don't want the "Content" field to be returned as ES response i.e. I want only the Cluster labels and ID's so is there any way around this scenario?

For ex:
If my query is :
"search_request": {
"fields": [
"query": {
"match": {
"Content": "mobile"
"query_hint": "mobile",
"field_mapping": {
"content": [
"algorithm": "lingo3g"

In this case I will get the response which will contain the "fields->Content" as well as "Cluster labels and ID's".

So is there a way I can suppress the "Content" as return and perform the categorization as well.

Any help with respect to this usecase?