Survey: modules, data sources and ingestion experience

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Modules (in Beats & Logstash) are built on the premise that simple things should be simple. They let you go from raw data to dashboards for common data sources in literally minutes. Run 1 command and instantly start exploring your data in prebuilt Kibana dashboards.

As we crank up the modules effort, we would love feedback from the Elastic community on what data sources we should support with the next wave of modules. Let us know by filling out a short survey. It will take only a couple of minutes.

If you need more context on modules and this survey, this blog might is a good short read

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(Elvar) #3

Is there some way to remove whole modules?

I have tested adding some modules, just to try them out. Sometimes the give good value but in other times they provide 10 different ways to view the data but you only need 1. In the end you end up with X amount of unused searches, Y amount of unused visualizations and Z amount of unused dashboards.

To able to add or remove whole modules or maybe part of a module would be very beneficial.

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