When will Beats Modules support logstash output?

Hi everyone,

I've been playing about with the Elastic stack and Beats recently with the aim of setting up a distributed logging and attribution platform. Thus far I've been really impressed with Beats and the excellent dashboards which are provided in Kibana but for me there's one problem which is stopping me from rolling this out - the lack of support logstash output for Beats modules. The system we'll be using has Apache NiFi in the middle for enrichment and routing so for us to use beats we really need to be able to feed into that.

I see that this limitation is explained well well within the docs but I was wondering if logstash output support for the modules is on the roadmap for any time soon?


I'm not sure I fully understand your request. There is a Logstash output in Beats. How does your expected setup look like?

You mentioned modules several times. Are you asking that the modules pipelines work on LS?

Yes, I'm talking about the module pipelines - eg. in filebeat there's the system module which allows you to use the rather excellent dashboards for syslog, ssh logins etc. If you use the logstash output you cannot utilise these dashboards without having to convert all the ingest node pipelines to logstash config, something which is a massive faff


Got it. It's definitively something we are discussing internal for some time and want to do. But there is no timeline for it.

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